Why Supplements For Autism?
Supplement support is an important intervention to treat the various issues many individuals on the autism-spectrum have, including nutritional deficiencies, speech and language disorder, mood instability, sensory issues, focusing and attention problems and others. Nutritional supplement intervention has a long history of success for many of the core issues in autism.

Why This Site Was Created
The Autism Supplement Center was created to provide easy access to a variety of nutritional supplements for autism. Supplements can be searched via specific categories such as hyperactivity, attention and focusing, yeast and immune system imbalances. It can also be searched by specific supplements themselves. Also, this unique website provides in-depth discussion about each supplement and their usefulness, and many supplements are accompanied by video description from Dr. Woeller regarding his clinical insight about how each supplement works and the benefits often seen.

How To Use This Site
When looking for a supplements for autism, you can find them in two different ways. If you know the specific name of the supplement – go to the “Supplements – All” navigation bar and scroll down the alphabetical listings for the supplements you are looking for. The second option is to search supplements by “What They Do” lited under Treatment Categories. Go to the “Treatment Categories” navigation button and scroll down the a drop menu until you find the category you are looking for. Click there and suggested supplements will show up that are useful for the purpose you selected. Here you can look up various categories that apply to your particular situation.